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Preview of the 123rd Canton Fair | Set up Green Natural Exhibition Section and Drive Poverty Alleviation by Business Development

In order to implement the Party Central Committee’s strategic plan on poverty alleviation and further promote poverty-relief by business development, the 123rd Canton Fair continues to set up Tradition Chinese Specialties Exhibition Section to support the foreign trade development of the poverty-stricken regions in accordance with the unified deployment of the Ministry of Commerce.

With vast territory and abundant resources, China is endowed with countless natural treasures by our Mother Nature. In the tranquil environment away from the hustle, various natural species thrive prosperously under this unique condition, granting us natural raw materials. The products made from these materials are original, wholesome, effective, and sought-after in the market.

Due to the market demand, this natural style begins to get more popular.

As the window to showcase Chinese products to the world, Canton Fair has witnessed the forefront of this natural style with Chinese characteristics.

As one of the Ministry of Commerce’s innovation initiatives of targeted poverty alleviation, starting from the 122nd session, Canton Fair has provided free booths to the enterprises from the national-level poverty counties and set up Traditional Chinese Specialties Exhibition Section during Phase 3 so as to enhance the economic capability of the poor regions. The Traditional Chinese Specialties Exhibition Section brings the natural products to the largest foreign trade platform in China first-hand. The exhibition section boasts strong and rustic local characteristics and displays high-quality products, which brings it numerous attention and compliment. 

In the 123rd Canton Fair, the Traditional Chinese Specialties Exhibition Section has 200 booths and 181 exhibitors. The exhibits are all relevant to the product categories of Phrase 3. In particular, its main theme is green and natural!

Let me show you some of the distinctive products in the Traditional Chinese Specialties Exhibition Section in advance!


Dessert Treasure- Xinjiang Sea-buckthorn

Sea-buckthorn is ranked the first among the top 10 health products by the World Health Organization. With China as its place of origin, China’s sea-buckthorn mainly derives from Xinjiang, whose total output accounts for more than 50% of the national production.  

Xinjiang Huihua Seabuckthorn Biotechnology Ltd. dedicates itself to the R&D of sea-buckthorn products. It actively cultivates technical professionals and takes the joint effort with research institutes for new product development. At present, there are more than 50 kinds of sea-buckthorn products in three major categories. The company’s sea-buckthorn essential oil, sea-buckthorn juice, sea-buckthorn liquid, sea-buckthorn oral solution, and sea-buckthorn tea have already been certified as organic products in both Europe and the United States.

The soft capsule of sea-buckthorn fruit oil is especially commendable. Consisting of healthy fatty acids such as stearic acid and linolenic acid, the fruit oil is antioxidant and helpful for immunity enhancement, cough relief, and treatments of hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and hyperglycemia. In addition, it’s also very effective in treating skin burn, frostbite, intestinal tract diseases, etc.


Hill Specialty- Organic Camellia Oil

As one of the four major woody oil plants in the world, camellia oleifera tree grows in high mountain and hills in the subtropical area of Southern China and it is a pure natural high-end oil plant that is unique to China. Rich in nutrients, camellia oil contains the most various kinds of amino acids among all edible oils and linolenic acid in it is essential to but cannot be synthesized by human bodies.

The city of Macheng located in Hubei Province is the hometown to Chinese camellia oleifera, or Chinese oil tea in other name. Ma Cheng ShangFu Ecological Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd. is in control of the source of production, as Dabie Mountain’s ancient forests are the main growing areas of the wild camellia trees. The company also possesses a mature industry chain which includes planting, R&D, production and sales. The company is managed and operated under the manorial mode, and has established the first manorial camellia oleifera industrialization base in the world.

The ingredients of Shang Fu organic camellia oil are picked from the Shang Fu Manor and modern technological mode of production is adopted to restore the quality of traditional craft.


Plateau Eco-System——Plateau Wine

Shangri-La plateau vineyard is one of the wineries that are highest in altitude and lowest in latitude. Besides the picturesque scenery, the vineyard is also far away from pollution and features in high altitude, low latitude, strong ultraviolet light, clay and soil that are rich in organic matter and micro-elements which are beneficial to human body. Its sufficient mountain snowmelt satisfies the grapes’ requirements for rainwater during the growing period and the rainfall decreases during the ripening season. All these characteristics have made Shangri-La plateau vineyard the most distinctive and special vineyard in China.

Shangri-La Wine Company Limited is the owner of this vineyard. The company conforms strictly to the brewing standards of International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV). In its Plateau Wine Series, all grapes are hand-picked as well as selected by manpower; and it will take twelve months for the wine to brew in oak barrels till lastly filtered in germ-free environment. The company has gained the first batch of certification of the first Protected Eco-origin Products approved by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People's Republic of China (AQSIQ).


Origin of Flowers——Quality Rose

Kushui Town of Yongdeng county is located in Gansu Province as the largest rose production base in China. During its nearly two hundred years of cultivation history, its flowers have developed the features such as highyield, large in shape and thick leaves as well as abundant juice, authentic odour, enabling it to compete with the internationally well-known Bulgarian Rose.

Gansu Huangjia Rose Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is situated in Kushui Town as an ecological rose production company that is in charge of the planting, processing and sales process. Its ecological rose planting area has covered 1000 mu (67 hectares) and developed series products such as rose corolla and bud tea, rose essential oil and handmade soap. The company’s virtuous ecological cycle mode has further enhanced its essential oil extracting rate and the tea polyphenol as well as amino acid contained in the products, making it far more superior to the common roses.


In the Traditional Chinese Specialties Exhibition Section, you can have a taste of the natural charm and purity and quality of original ecology. Various types of specialties will amaze you and broaden your horizon. This section is so unique that it should not be missed at Canton Fair. Cantor Fair provides a platform for the companies in poor regions to showcase their products and communicate with the world, which offers an impetus for the economic development of these regions.

The Traditional Chinese Specialties Exhibition Section at the 123rd Canton Fair——also the green section that embraces the nature sincerely welcomes you!





Information of the Exhibition Section:

Time: Phase 3 of Canton Fair, May 1st-5th

Venue: Hall 6.0, Area A, Canton Fair Complex




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