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Preview of the 123rd Canton Fair | China Leading Trends in Fashion


Canton Fair is the first promotion platform as well as the barometer for China’s foreign trade. Currently, we are committed to make the Canton Fair more international, professional, market- and IT-oriented, so as to set up a “Smart Canton Fair” and “Green Canton Fair” and make it a multi-functional trade platform.

It’s said that what belongs to the nation belongs to the world. Traditional Chinese designs have become popular with designers in the international fashion arena who are inspired by the combination of Chinese traditional culture and Western modern one. China chic is gaining popularity among the global fashion circle.

During the New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2018, Chinese brands, Li-Ning and Peacebird combined Chinese elements with world trends to showcase the new dynamics of Chinese apparel. It was recognized that China is now leading the trends in fashion design!

Through Canton Fair, the best apparel companies in China will impress the world with quantities of quality products to present new dynamics of Chinese apparel industry.

With an increasingly established industry chain of textiles and garments, China now enjoys a leading position in terms of development scale and speed. Some of the exhibitors this year have set up R&D centers in major markets including the US and the UK and employed local design groups to catch up with the latest fashion trends. They have succeeded in entering the terminal retail channel through efforts of the promoting team.


Shanghai Silk Group Co., Ltd., as the largest apparel export company in China, plays an important role in China’s export of textiles and garments with an annual export volume of 600 million dollars. In the past six decades, the company has extended its business to over 80 countries and regions and established long-term trading ties with thousands of foreign clients, earning a high reputation in the global market.

The company has set up a self-owned brand for women’s wear: LILY, which has been invited to the 2006 Milan Fashion Week to showcase its collections with the best 100 international brands as one of the only two Chinese brands that had been invited. Now, having entered an era of fast development, LILY has opened up over 200 retail shops in more than 30 places in China and 20 stores in more than 10 countries overseas. Its popularity has been growing with the market extension. 


Lu Thai Textile Co., Ltd. is considered the largest high-level textiles producer and top-class shirts producer in the world whose production lines cover cotton breeding, cotton planting, spinning, dyeing, weaving, arranging and clothing production with complete industry chain of brand marketing. Lu Thai Textile, which integrates R&D, manufacturing and sales, has set up 12 held branches, 2 offices and 40 manufacturing factories in 7 countries including China, the US, Italy, India, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.

Lu Thai Textile sells 80% of its products to over 30 countries and regions including the US, EU and Japan. It has established strategic partnerships with world famous brands, such as Burberry, Calvin Klein, HUGO BOSS, Armani, Gucci, OLYMP and UNIQLO, accounting for 18% of the global export market of high-level yarn-dyed fabrics.

Lu Thai Textile is recognized as the national enterprise technology center, national laboratory and high-tech enterprise and has won a series of prestigious awards including one first prize and two second prizes of National Science and Technology Progress Awards. It has developed over 600 new technologies, nine of which have reached the international leading level and 23 of which have reached the international advanced level.

Over the past two decades, Lu Thai Textile has been upgrading its core products to support healthy and sustainable lifestyle and discover the future of modern textiles industry.


Inner Mongolia Erdos International Trade Ltd. boasts around 30% of cashmere raw materials in China and ensures the quality of its products through dual mechanisms of screening standards and examination system.

Erdos has a specialized production line covering carding, dyeing, spinning and machine weaving. The major equipment was introduced from Italy, Germany, Japan and Switzerland, representing the highest technological level in the industry. With its smart, efficient and productive modern equipment, and the professional technology and production team based on the past three decades of experience dedicating to studying industry techniques, Erdos is enabled to lead the whole world in this field.

Meanwhile, the group is the only company that has a national engineering and research center for cashmere products and national enterprise technology center recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology. It’s the R&D, test and demonstration base that has the capability to set up industrial criteria due to the leading technology.


Wuhan Lovegod Group Co., Ltd. bases its growth on the brand power and technological innovation with the annual production rate of new products exceeding 40%. The company has participated in the establishment of eleven national and industrial criteria, gaining 87 patents and the national new key product certificate for its ecological knitting products.

The company has built a fashion industrial park to discover, cultivate and promote the new talents in fashion industry. It integrates the core industry chain and combines design with handwork, production and market to carry forward the fashion ideas.

Meanwhile, the company made a huge step forward in smart manufacturing by digitalizing the process from product design to technology through overall information technology and RFID application management and intelligent production system which has covered its production lines. Robots have been introduced to the whole process of cutting, sewing, ironing and packing up, all of which has shown the tremendous progress China has made in smart manufacturing.


Fashion-Power Industrial & Trading Co., Ltd. highly values innovation and works hard to catch up with the world in product design and brand concepts, especially in the design of top-class outdoor function garments. The two brands, SHEKNOWS and TITTALLON, have registered and sold in dozens of countries. With its market reaching the western countries, the company has been working with brands like Lafuma, Northland, Millet, Lippi, Halti, Eider, Tattini, Bosco, Storvik, One Way, Lifung and Finntack.

The company has made huge progress in developing new types of fabrics, for example, the “PHYLEX 3.5 Layer Jacket” which has won the first prize of Canton Fair Design Awards, adopts Phylex 3.5L, the independently developed materials. The jacket, with light weight, elasticity and flexibility, has better performance in keeping warm, waterproof, breathability and tear-resistance. It is also equipped with microfiber fleece lining, which makes it warm-keeping and can easily deal with various climates. The defined waist design that many female outdoor enthusiasts like also greatly improves its fashion level.


This year Canton Fair holds six sections for textiles and garments, namely men’s and women’s wear, sports and leisure garments, children’s wear, underwear, fur and leather products, ornaments and accessories, and three other sections including home textiles, textiles fabrics, carpets and tapestries, which could showcase the whole industrial structure from yarns, fabrics and accessories, home textiles to garments so as to provide the one-stop service for buyers. The exhibition area covers 184,000 square meters, holding over 5000 exhibitors including leading companies in textiles and garments industry in China.

Driven by the trend of new technology, “fast fashion”, or even “superfast fashion” brands have come into our sight. Niche designers’ brands and tailored brands have gained popularity due to customers’ changing preference and behavior. Suppliers have been facing new challenges as well as new opportunities for the trends in tailored orders and “ethical sourcing” concept.

Therefore, Canton Fair acts as an incubator and propeller to establish Canton Fair Product Design and Trade Promotion Centre (PDC) in order to faciliate the match-making between exhibitors and design resources home and abroad. During the fair, the international seminar on textiles and garments industry and fashion shows will be held.

Canton Fair fashion shows not only attract numerous design companies and buyers home and abroad, but also help exhibitors in their upgrading and transformation to connect production with design for better development and higher industrial value.

Canton Fair will continue to serve as a multifunctional platform which connects exhibitors and buyers for better communication and industry development.


Information of the Exhibition Area:

Time: The 3rd phase of Canton Fair, May 1st-5th

Venue: Area A: Hall 1.1, 4.0, 8.0

Area C: Hall 14.1-15.1, 14.2-16.2, 14.3-16.3. 14.4-16.4


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