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Preview of the 123rd Canton Fair -Decorate Your Dream Home

Canton Fair is the first promotion platform as well as the barometer for China’s foreign trade. Currently, we are committed to make the Canton Fair more international, professional, market- and IT-oriented, so as to set up a “Smart Canton Fair” and “Green Canton Fair” and make it a multi-functional trade platform.

There are about 2.1 billion families in the world and the need of each family for home decoration varies greatly. For example, some families prefer Baroque style (luxurious), some like Rococo style (exquisite), some love Tuscan style (rustic) and some even yearn for black technology style. There is a big market for consumer demands.

As a professional buyer, where to find all the resources to meet with different needs of such a large customer base?

Don't worry about it. Today, I am here to free you from worries and concerns.

There is a place that can cater to different tastes of more than 200 countries and regions around the world. It enables you to say goodbye to “Selection Phobia” and offers you one-stop solution to all your home decoration concerns. What is it? It is - Canton Fair.

The Exhibition Area of Home Decoration of Canton Fair this session attracts over 3,100 Chinese top-notched export enterprises in the field, covering 153,000 square meters. Seven sections are available, including Home Decoration, Art Ceramics, Glass Artware, Iron/Stone Decoration, Outdoor Spa Equipment, Weaving, Rattan and Iron Products as well as Gardening Products.

Various products have attracted buyers from many countries (regions) including Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea, the Middle East, and “Belt and Road” countries .


Home Decoration Section


The Home Decoration Section includes paintings, frames, mirrors, decorative candles and related products as well as decorative household items where brand companies gather around and many companies cooperate with European and U.S. manufacturers. With fashion as their philosophy, they developed a number of new products that serve both aesthetic and practical functions.

For example, 3D painting for home decoration and other products are full of artistic elements with stunning three-dimension effect. It’s hard not to be obsessed with them.


In terms of fashion cycle, the products in this section update very fast, especially for fashion decorations. In terms of function, the products are gradually developing to multifunction. The products that combine a variety of materials and even smart elements are popular for featuring multiple functions.

Glass Artware Section


This section covers glassware, glassware decorations and other glass art crafts.

One key thing to know is that China is world's largest producer and exporter of glassware. The prosperity of the glass industry is well manifested in Canton Fair. The new exhibits displayed in each session of Canton Fair, which are of independent research, development and design account for over 70%. This means that although buyers of glassware products visit Canton Fair twice a year, they will enjoy a fresh experience during each visit.


The amazing work of “Hua Pao” (Gorgeous Gown) with a pattern of peacock is actually made from glass blowing. Other similar amazing works are to be found in this year’s Canton Fair.

Xi'an Metals & Minerals Import & Export Co., Ltd. has showcased a crossover product by combining glassware with wooden materials, which is also the winner of the CF Award (Canton Fair Design Awards). What's even more amazing is that the two materials have separate design and can be installed or displayed freely with different matching colors or patterns.

It seems that only fine wine matches such a delicate table.

 Furniture Section


This section consists of two zones of furniture and outdoor furniture. The exhibits cover more than ten categories, including traditional Chinese furniture and interior furniture for households.

Another key point to note is that China's furniture output value exceeds one trillion yuan, ranking the 1st in the world. The industry is booming, and companies have adjusted their development direction. They begin to focus on R&D and design of products, striving to increase the added value of their products. At each session, Canton Fair will roll out new products, develop customized furniture or smart furniture and apply green low-carbon design into their product life cycle.

This CF awards winner brought by Starway is the perfect example of implementing environmental protection. This chair is easy to assemble or disassemble, convenient to transport, saves the cost of production, logistics, warehousing and reduces consumption of social resources. With unique aesthetic value, it is also a crossover design that perfectly combines wood and plastic. Definitely merits a thumb-up.


Section of Iron/Stone Decorations and Outdoor Spa Equipment


This section mainly includes outdoor swimming pools, paddling pools, massage bathtub, massage shower room, sauna room, steam house and its accessories as well as outdoor leisure accessories. Does it sound “High-end, Magnificent and Chic”?

The expanding exhibition area and its enriching exhibits each session bring more choices to buyers.

The high-end sunroom system of Valenmis is its recent new product. The product features creative designs and decorative lines to make it a magnificent one. The elegant appearance not only wins praise but also highlights its overall effect of the villa.


Gardening Products Section

This section covers 18 categories, including flower seedling, dried or artificial flowers, bonsai, garden decorations, garden landscapes and decorations as well as accessories.

In this section, products and layouts are combined perfectly. Companies place creative products in an eye-catching spot to attract buyers.

Beijing Shenglin Runjing Technology & Trade Co. Ltd. exhibits a variety of polyester artificial plants. The tallest one reaches five meters high. Looked from afar, it looks like a lush garden. Product materials are healthy and environmentally friendly. The polyester artificial plants are made of green materials from old cardboard, which are completely non-toxic and odorless and are more easily accepted by buyers. Currently, it is often used in indoor space such as wedding venues and high-end hotel lobbies in order to create a garden environment.

Future Market Insights estimates that the global market for home decorations will grow at a high compound annual growth rate, reaching a value of 855.68 billion dollars by 2022. As a global trading platform, Canton Fair, through its Exhibition Area of Home Decoration, will continue to play a role as a multi-functional platform to bridge the communication and trade between exhibitors and buyers and share this trillion-worth of market.

Information of the Exhibition Area:

Time: The 2ndphase of Canton Fair, April 23rd -27th

Venue: Canton Fair Complex

Area A: Hall 3.1-8.1, 4.2-5.2, 4.0, 8.0

Area B: Hall 10.2-13.2, 9.3-11.3, 9.0, 12.0, 13.0





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