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Exhibitors' Note

1.Any damage to the halls caused by dismantling or changing the fixed facilities is not allowed. Any nailing or holing in the doors, windows, pillars or grounds of all halls is strictly forbidden. Anyone violating these regulations should undertake the liability of compensation.

2.No posting or hanging should be done onto the doors, windows and pillars of all halls. If it has to be done, the exhibitor must obtain the Canton Fair's prior consent and pay the charges and deposits according to relevant rates of the Canton Fair before posting or hanging. The exhibitor should clean up all posting and hanging at the end of the Exhibition...

Exhibitors' Guide
Selecting Exhibition(s) Confirming booth(s)
Constructing shell scheme booth(s) Constructing special booth(s)
Transporting exhibits Protecting exhibits
Moving in Moving out
Handling claims and complaints  
On-site Services

Installing and dismantling booth accessories and calligraphy services

Installing water and electricity facilities
Hiring furniture and electrical apparatus
Storage and transportation
Restaurant and business services
Other Services
Floor load limits and power supply
Use of the transportation facilities inside the Canton Fair
Transportation inside the Canton Fair halls
Supervising in-and-out of the participants and articles
Security and fire regulation of the Canton Fair
Regulations against theft
Order of exhibitions
Photography control
Measures of punishment and liabilities
Technical Data



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