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China Import and Export Fair Complex covers a total construction area of 1,100,000 M2 with the indoor exhibition area of 338,000 M2 and the outdoor exhibition area of 43,600 M2. The Area A has an indoor exhibition area of 130,000 M2 and an outdoor exhibition area of 30,000 M2, the Area B has an indoor exhibition area of 128,000 M2 and an outdoor exhibition area of 13,600 M2, and the Area C has an indoor exhibition area of 80,000 M2.

  1. Pazhou Complex is a multifunctional and comprehensive international Exhibition center of high standard. It is the largest in scale and highest in grade in Asia and whose facilities are most advanced. It can meet the demands for large-scale international-level commodities fairs and large-scale trade fairs and so on. Exhibiting here means the high ranks and grades of the exhibitions.
  2. Pazhou Complex is a modern architecture that combines hi-tech, intellectuality and ecological concern perfectly. It is designed according to the national 5A standards for intellectuality architectures. A great deal of high-new technologies of international level is applied in its construction. Its intelligent, ventilation and communication systems represent the advanced level of the world. Its hall height, floor loading capacity and electric power supply qualify it to hold such exhibitions as large-scale machines exhibitions and sailboats exhibitions, which have strict demands for Exhibition complexes.
  3. Each Exhibition hall has an area of about 10,000 square meters and a rationally designed appearance. The 13 Exhibition halls in the first and second floors all have a wide doorway. Multiple exhibitions can be held simultaneously without interfering with one another. With large non-columns space, the Exhibition halls can be used effectively and especially good effects can be produced in special decoration.
  4. Around the Exhibition complex, supporting establishments related to conventions and exhibitions such as hotels, office buildings, banks, commercial services and museums will be built, so as to fully satisfy the needs of the businessmen in their business trip.
  5. Convenient traffic. A subway station is built here. There are city trunk roads on its east, west, south and north sides. The opened No.8 Subway and the No. 4 Subway will join here. And the No. 3 Subway will transit around here. At present, there are bus stops for buses No. 137, No. 203, No. 206 Swift Line, No. 229 and No. 262, etc.
  1. Quality services. China Foreign Trade Centre is under the Ministry of Commerce of the Peopleí»s Republic of China. With a professional and high-caliber team that provides a complete series of services and the exhibiting experience of more than 40 years, it keeps putting forward new exhibiting services and keeps improving its level in supporting services. Gradually its exhibiting services are becoming professional and international, allowing it to provide considerate and quality exhibiting services for the customers. It has also expanded the range of its exhibiting services by going through all kinds of fussy formalities in industrial and commercial registration, fire prevention and customs declaration affairs for non-local customers if required. This has won the satisfaction and faithfulness of the customers and enhanced its reputation in the society. Furthermore, through the websites, various press media and professional magazines and by distributing the Exhibition schedule brochures during the Canton Fair and other exhibitions, we publicize the Exhibition complexes and our Exhibition schedule to the customers and readers of China and of more than 200 other countries and regions, and provide value added services to the Exhibition sponsors.
  2. Brand effect. Having been successful for 48 years, the 95th China Import and Export Fair, adding Pazhou Complexí»s Exhibition area in, will double its scale. And this opens a new chapter for Chinese Exhibition industry. With the more than 100,000 buyers from more than 200 countries and regions, the Exhibition complex will soon become known by the world.
  3. Same charging policy for domestic and foreign exhibitors. To meet the demands and requirements of Exhibition markets, and to provide national treatment for foreign exhibitors, Pazhou Complex have take the lead among the famous Exhibition complexes in China to apply the same charging policy on both domestic and foreign exhibitors.
  4. Operational policies. China Foreign Trade Centre will make good use of the advantage of running two major Exhibition complexes in the same time to create an impartial and ordered business environment for the friends in the Exhibition sector. The emphasis for Pazhou Complex will be placed on taking in large-scale and high-grade international exhibitions while Liuhua Complex will act as a useful supplement for the Pazhou Complex. We will arrange rational Exhibition schedules and Exhibition themes for the two major Exhibition complexes. As usual we will maintain our managerial strategy of making a win-win result together with the sponsors. We will also maintain the managerial guideline of supporting exhibitions that are under normative operational criterions and have good credit standings and development potentials. We will adequately protect the Exhibition themes held by our Exhibition complexes, maintain a good order for the Exhibition business and prevent unordered competitions from happening in our Exhibition complexes.



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